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Metalsmith + Educator

Lynne Hull is a full-time tenure art instructor at North Seattle College (NSC) in Seattle, WA. She has been teaching Metalsmithing and Jewelry at NSC for the last 28 years. During those years Lynne has built a top-notch program both in studio facilities and attitude. Students from around the country and world come to study in her program.

Lynne was raised in the Pacific Northwest, which helped shape her aesthetics and artwork. The natural wonders and diverse landscapes in the state of Washington have provided her with a wonderful palette to draw from. She enjoys contrast and comparison. Living on the Pacific Rim provides this for her.

After receiving her BFA in metals at the University of Washington, Lynne moved to Rochester, New York to pursue her MFA at the School for American Craft at Rochester Institute of Technology. After graduation she moved back to Seattle to set up shop and produce her artwork.

Lynne uses the vessel as a sculptural format. This universal symbol allows her to connect the old with the new, the east with the west and the technical with the artistic. The vessel represents self, mother earth and signs of life. The containment of space created by the vessel provides a platform to convey thoughts and emotions. She is honored to have her work represented in the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

One of the methods Lynne uses to create her vessels is the ancient art form of metal spinning. She is honored and recognized for using this industrial process to create her art. Lynne states: “Spinning allows me to grow metal in my studio.”

As a Metalsmith

I am seduced by the materials I work with.
Challenged by the technical aspects of the
field, I allow the intuitive to lead the way.
I believe that art comes from the heart as
well as the head. I also believe that the
making of an object is as important as the
finished product. This is why I am dedicated
to teaching my craft and honored to pass
these skills on to anyone interested.

"I believe that the arts are the immune system
for our society." — Lynne Hull


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Custom Texturing Hammer Workshop

The Patination Process of Metal

Metal Forming Techniques for the Enamelist


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