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As a Metalsmith

I am seduced by the materials I work with.
Challenged by the technical aspects of the
field, I allow the intuitive to lead the way.
I believe that art comes from the heart as
well as the head. I also believe that the
making of an object is as important as the
finished product. This is why I am dedicated
to teaching my craft and honored to pass
these skills on to anyone interested.

"I believe that the arts are the immune system
for our society." — Lynne Hull


Contact Lynne if you are interested in hosting
one of the following workshop offerings with
your organization:

Custom Texturing Hammer Workshop

The Patination Process of Metal

Metal Forming Techniques for the Enamelist


Lynne Hull
[email protected]
Seattle, WA

Please inquire for
purchasing artwork,
workshop availability,
and commission