New Work + Philosophy

New Work

Known for its hardness and permanence, I am challenged to create metalwork that is soft, sensual and organic in expression. Using the industrial metal spinning process for over 30 years, I have found myself shaping sheet metal into sculptural forms that explore our perceptions about metal and its properties.

With this new body of work, I have stepped away from using the vessel as a sculptural format expressing the feminine gender and begun to create expressive environments that suggest a sense of the gathering of parts to create a strong whole. The playful use of scale allows these environments to dance with movement and create line out of form.

This new direction with my work, frees me to investigate the intimacy of body adornment by scaling down the elements within my work and relating them to the human form. By scaling these newfound forms up, I can create environments that surround the viewer and offer a sense of place and connection with our physical world.



As an arts educator, I am motivated to inspire creativity and innovative thinking. Creating art grounds the student and allows him or her to focus on what is at hand. Joy and discovery become part of their creativity. I believe that the arts are the immune system for our society. Doing art allows self-discovery. This sort of attentiveness to one’s life creates purpose and direction. Working with materials such as metal to create something, awakens the student to the physical world. I provide my students with a safe environment in which to work, in terms of physical safety, and by providing a classroom that supports and encourages them to be experimental and inventive.

As a Metalsmith

I am seduced by the materials I work with.
Challenged by the technical aspects of the
field, I allow the intuitive to lead the way.
I believe that art comes from the heart as
well as the head. I also believe that the
making of an object is as important as the
finished product. This is why I am dedicated
to teaching my craft and honored to pass
these skills on to anyone interested.

"I believe that the arts are the immune system
for our society." — Lynne Hull


Contact Lynne if you are interested in hosting
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Custom Texturing Hammer Workshop

The Patination Process of Metal

Metal Forming Techniques for the Enamelist


Lynne Hull
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Seattle, WA

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